Friends for Life Program

Our Friends for Life program opens up a new world of site special discounts and promotions.

You’ll receive annual discounts for your dogs birthday, coupon codes for further discounts, credit for certain interaction with site events and purchases. Credits allow you to pay or part pay at checkout.

You can load discounts on top of each other to be eligible for more savings overall!

To become a FFL Member is easy! Join the site through registration. Visit My account to start!

FFL Member promotion: Enter your dogs’ birthday

Coming soon!

Enter your dogs’ name and birthday to receive annual FFL Member specials and discounts.

Repeat Delivery

Coming soon!

Upkeep the appearance of your house and pooch care products with regular and repeat replacements and renewals by subscribing to our Repeat Delivery service.

Dog bed covers, dog beds, and more are available to subscribe Credit now in subscription for future purchases.

All the while you’ll be saving 10% off RRP!