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Dog Bed beleives in keeping your loved dog calm and rested in our many quality sleeping pads country wide.


Welcome to our site! Mission Statement: Here at Dog Bed we promise to deliver a relaxing and quality bed for your loved dog—- because we understand they’re like family to you and we care for your family just like you do.

Exceptional Service at Dog Bed

Management and staff at Dog Bed are committed to providing exceptional service to you our client.

Cute Pooch

Dog Bed understands your dog deserves the luxury of a sensational sleeping pad.

Your cute pooch will remember you for giving them their new favorite sleeping pad. You’ll be loved for spoiling them with the best in luxury bedding and all this at an affordable price. They’ll be better rested, more relaxed and they’ll adore you more.

Dog Bed Money Back Guarantee

When you buy a Dog Bed from us you’re assured with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee from the date of purchase.

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Support a Local Charity

It’s our goal to keep with community at its core.

We’re committed to helping our childrens’ education needs across Australia.

We’ll donate $1 each for every product you buy with us to The Smith Family and you can be sure your money is going towards helping a local child in poverty. Check for more details.

We’re helping where it counts!

Your pet will adore you when you show love towards them with a luxury Dog Bed.